Grab a Tissue…


Never in a million years did I think I’d own a llama, or two…and never in a million years did I think they would worm their way into my heart.

Thanks to asking for a “pass” from a morning meeting, most of my co-workers knew that Katy Perry Llama was a bit puny.  In typical Katy Perry fashion, she was the center of a conversation, and in this instance evidently an example of what to do when you need a sub.  “For example,” says the principal, “when you have a sick llama and you need to miss a day of school…”  When we’ve had sick dogs, although I’m sure people were concerned, they certainly didn’t demand center stage the way ol’ KP does!

So its just natural that I’m writing a blog post to let people know that this diva of a llama is now in llama heaven, probably demanding to be the center of attention, until she’s had enough attention and then walking away as everyone watches.  We don’t know exactly what was wrong but knew immediately that she wasn’t feeling well when she became quite “undiva-like”…and while DIVA was one of her personality quirks that could drive you nuts, it is what I missed the most the last few days that she was sick.

One day I’ll write a post about how great Juan was when she went down…one day we will laugh about Juan taking a llama’s temperature (ok, we are laughing today about that).  Dr. Trey-if you are reading this, I sure hope that was necessary and not one of those “jokes” you and Exum like to play on Juan!  (But thank you SOOO much for your advice and phone calls the last few days-you’re alright, just like Juan reluctantly says!)

So yes, I’m writing a blog post…mainly because I wanted to let Katy’s fan know she loved all the attention, and of course would still want it lavished upon her!  And also, if I see you in the halls of school, having so many friends ask how KP was doing has been VERY sweet, but no llama talk for a few days, at least not face to face.

One of the hardest parts right now is watching Harley looking for her BFF.  If I didn’t think they were social animals before, I know if for a fact now!  We are going to pick up a new friend or two this weekend…they certainly can’t replace Katy Perry, but Harley needs to another buddy!  So stay tuned!

Cheers to KP-all llamas everywhere!


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